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All our cats are special but some are unforgettable he is one of them. Now about 8 weeks of age this little chap came into to us blinded by infection his left eye destroyed maybe he sees light and shade in the right but to all purposes blind. His infections treated he is now healthy waiting for his eye operation starts vaccines next week. He continues to delight us all despite his disability this cheeky little boy runs everywhere shows no fear of anything or anyone. He will need to be an indoor cat but he is so confidante he will cope with other pets and children the more input he has the more he likes it, many thanks to his foster parents for their dedication in nursing him. Please contact us if you can give a home to this kitten who has survived despite the cruelest of starts to life. December 2016: Much to the distress of his foster mum, us and the vet Opal tragically died during the operation to remove his eye from breathing difficulties.