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Sadly Clarissa died early in 2015 for unknown reasons, perhaps FIP, despite being given all the care and love she could ever hope for. Clarissa needs our help A very lucky kitten found by volunteer’s, she was cold, full of parasites, starving to death at the bins. Wailing for food & company she weighs half the normal weight for a 4-5 month old kitten you can see every bone protruding, one of the worst cases we have seen it’s just horrifying. She appears completely socialised, why was she cast out into the winter rain? She adores cuddles is comfortable around humans, knows how to use her litter tray but at the moment is too weak to play or do anything other than rest & eat. She needs special care, veterinary diet, TLC & adoption but it will take a few months to get her to the condition she should be for a kitten of her age. If you wish to adopt she can leave us in a few weeks under supervision. We need donations for her veterinary care, food, and medicines & if we cannot re home her locally she will need a passport & transport fees to our colleagues in the UK at Woodland Nook, Derby.