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Stayin wit CPR as he remains unwell (10/10/15) This is an appeal on behalf of Lazarus (Larry) approximately 2 years of age rescued off the streets of Chania. Larry had extensive lacerations across his nose/sinuses, fractured jaw, left eye blind (detached optic nerve) all wounds contaminated with maggot infestation. He required 3 operations to clean & close, remained with our Greek vet for many months before she asked us to take him in for aftercare & adoption. Sadly he developed a life threatening infection oozing & sneezing a bloody purulent green nasal discharge affecting his swallowing & breathing. Readmitted for intravenous infusions, X-Rays & nasal swabs he tested positive for Pseudomonas & Proteus. X-Rays were invalid the damage to his airways/sinuses too extensive to obtain a clear picture, he required CT/MRI not available on the island of Crete & we did not have the funds to send him to Athens. A few days later he was discharged back to our care on antibiotics. This delightful boy remains the most affectionate soul despite the appalling things that have happened to him. We are not unrealistic in our care & will euthanize if we recognise treatment is causing distress with little chance of survival but this boy wants to live and it is certainly worth investing in his treatment. We are seeking the funds to send him to Athens/Germany or the UK for CT/MRI scans & endoscopy, veterinary fees in the UK approximately £2,000. Alternatively a specialist veterinarian/animal welfare organisation to take on his treatment & care with a view to adoption if he responds well to treatment. We would also be willing & happy for him to return to us. Time is of the essence his airways are obstructed as the infection has returned. If anyone can assist or suggest a way forward please contact us. Any help appreciated Clinical History 04/2014: Facial Operations, # jaw wired, broken teeth removed 06/2014: Admission to CPR difficulty chewing/swallowing, right nasal passage reduced in size/septum deviated for soft diet, weight gain & TLC 07/2014: Baytril 5 mg/kg commenced 4/08/2014: Emergency re-admission? Retropharyngeal abscess, IV`s/Investigations/Swabs 08/08/2014: Discharged 11/08/2014: Nasal swabs positive for Pseudomonas & Proteus Baytril ceased, Augmentin BD commenced 22/08/2014: Gentamicin injection OD/Bisolvon in addition to Augmentin 01/09/2014: Responding well nasal discharge dried up, Gentamicin/renal function bloods NAD continue gentamicin 6/10/2014: Nasal swabs, Gentamicin/renal function blood NAD continue gentamicin 15/10/2014: Swab negative for proteus remained heavy growth of Pseudomonas continue antibiotics & Bisolvon 10/11/2014: Nasal swabs, Gentamicin/renal function bloods NAD, remains positive for pseudomonas Thessaloniki University contacted for advice IV antibiotics advised 17/11/2014: IV Cannula sited weekly change, Amicasil IV daily, Gentamicin stopped 16/01/2015: Nasal swabs/LFT`s/kidney function bloods, cannula removed not tolerating cannula’s pulling them out limb sites sore. Daily IM injections of Amicasil commenced instead 23/01/2015: Nasal Swabs negative 20/02/2015: Antibiotics stopped 01/03/2015: Violent sneezing fits, difficulty eating bulky solid food, swallowing & breathing affected, pseudomonas smell from mouth & nose returned Sadly despite nearly 2 years of operations, antibiotics & medications Larry finally succumbed to overwhelming infection. When we was unable to swallow or breath without pain we made the difficult decision to let him go. Such a brave boy he is greatly missed.