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Update 3rd April 2015: Sadly Milo (as he turned out to be) was not putting on weight or playing, he was too short of breath, so today we did an xray and this showed his lungs where full of fluid, he was drowning of wet FIP, we did not bring him round from the anaesthetic and he peacefully slipped away. The only consulation is that he did not starve to death by the roadside but was warm, fed and loved by his foster mum and us. Milo needs your help, another kitten we suspect a victim of being taken in during the summer fed & humanised only to be abandoned. If anyone doubts that all cats can fend for themselves see the picture of when she was picked up sitting in the middle of the road dazed so weak she was unable to move weighing only a kg. Millicent was dehydrated/emaciated & had pneumonia, fur missing from parasites all of which is normal for almost every cat we rescue but otherwise in good health. The pneumonia responded very well to the antibiotics, the bald patches of skin so sore she has been bathed thankfully for us she loves her baths! She is a delightful little creature approximately 6 months old we think her coat is medium tabby she should be fluffy. Millicent does nothing but purrs wants nothing but constant affection & cuddles. Usually we keep cats under observation for a month before adoption but Millicent is so lonely on her own with no kittens she can go in with for company. We cannot bring her into the house our rescue cats have had cat flu amongst many other things. We will provide any medicines/vaccinations & neuter her once she has reached her correct weight. Please contact us if you can give Millicent warmth, food, & lots of affection. If you cannot adopt please follow the link below donations appreciated for her care & travel costs to send her to our colleagues in Woodland Nook, UK