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Arnie Sadly Arnie has been abandoned yet again, and has been returned to Woodland Nook Snapped up as soon as he hit Woodland Nook! what a charmer... This young 2 year old very vocal local boy has grown up being tended too by various caring ex pats & his Greek owner. Left unneutered he injured his right hind leg during a fight which never healed causing extreme pain from bone infection & early arthritis. It took a joint effort to catch him & persuade his Greek owner he required treatment & could not be left to roam any more. Many thanks to the kind ex pats who helped catch him & those who have already paid his travel costs to the UK. He has responded well to antibiotics & anti-inflammatory medication but he cannot put paw to floor he will be disabled, we shall make a decision in the next week if it would be better to amputate the leg. He will be mobile whatever happens has a cheeky character he is affectionate & funny can anyone give this boy a home.